Kelsmor Dairy can be seen at many shows and a variety of events from March through to Christmas. Our two custom built vans provide an ice cream parlour service in any location. We hold a range of ice cream serving counters to suit all situations indoors or out.

If you are planning any events we would be delighted to receive your enquiry.

A brief list of some of the events that we regularly attend is below.

  • The Three Counties Show
  • Monmouth Show
  • The Malvern Spring Gardening Show
  • The Malvern Autumn Show
  • Welland Steam Rally
  • Ludlow Arts Festival

We have also catered to many private parties, functions and weddings. We offer an excellent service, with from the smallest party to large company events.

Event Equipment

We have a wide variety of equipment to cover all shapes and sizes of event.

Ice Cream ParlourIMG_2433

Mobile Ice Cream Parlours

These were custom built to our requirements, by Herefordshire based companies and sourcing much of the internal equipment from local businesses. We have two of these available. Both can display 8 flavours at a time in high quality Ice Cream cabinets, with enough onboard stock storage to cater to the largest event. Both are equipped with generators, or can be connected to a 13 Amp outlet where the noise of a generator would be of a concern. One van has a built in generator that is silenced, the other uses an external unit.

Key Facts

  • Dimensions:
  • Display Capability- 8 Flavours of Ice Cream.
  • Includes Milkshake Making Facilities
  • EHO Approved
  • Distinctive Branding
  • Nice and dry in the rain!


Victorian Style Cart

Our Victorian Style carts are distinctive attention grabbers. We have two of these, a large unit that can take 9 flavours of ice cream, and a smaller unit that can take 6. These are suitable for indoor or outdoor events with a Gazebo. Please note that these units are large and very heavy, and cannot go up steps. They are also carried in a large Box Trailer, which can be an issue in difficult to access locations.

Key Facts

  • Large Unit Dimensions
  • Small Unit Dimensions
  • 9 or 6 pans
  • Will run from a 13A Socket- draws <500w in use

The Pavillion

Our custom built exhibition stand for 2013. This will fit in to a standard 3x3M Stand, with 3 Scooping Cabinets, each containing 6 Flavours. Suitable for Internal or External events, with eye catching branding.

Key Facts

  • Dimensions 3x3M
  • 3 6 Pan Scooping Cabinets.
  • Sink and Additional Ice Cream Storage.