Kelsmor Gold-With no additional flavouring this is used as the base to all our ice creams. It certainly is creamy.
Strawberry- Delicious summery strawberries & cream.
Chocolate-  Rich dark chocolate ice cream.
Banoffee-The finest fresh bananas puréed into toffee ice cream.
Cappuccino- A rich coffee flavoured ice cream made using espresso .
Hereford Cider- A truly local flavour, using Herefordshire cider.
Baileys- A luxury taste of Ireland. This tipsy ice cream combines the creamiest ice cream with rich Baileys Irish Whiskey Cream liqueur for pure indulgence.
Mint Choc Chip-Dark Belgian chocolate chips spread lavishly throughout fresh, clear mint ice cream.
Coconut-A truly tropical coconut ice cream, delicate but delicious.
Honeycomb-Kelsmor Gold ice cream combined with chunks of cinder toffee melting into delicious swirls.
Rum and Raisin-A tipple of rum combined with the juiciest raisins gives a lovely slightly tipsy ice cream.
Lemon Fruit Ice- Refreshing lemon Ice (non dairy).
Blackcurrant and crème de Cassis- Blackcurrant ice cream with crème de cassis liqueur.
Apricot and Amaretti- Apricot ice cream folded with Amaretti biscuits and Di Saronno liqueur.
Lemon Ripple- Lemon Ice Cream rippled with tangy lemon curd.
White Chocolate-Creamy white chocolate ice cream
Stem Ginger- Stem ginger pieces folded through Kelsmor Gold.
Hazelnut- Rich hazelnut purée gives a deliciously creamy nutty ice cream.
Ruby’s Fudge- Pieces of yummy fudge from Ruby’s Kitchen folded though Kelsmor Gold
Seasonal Flavours-available for a limited period in the year
Raspberry Pavlova – Raspberry purée and meringue pieces swirled through Raspberry ice cream.(Su)
Strawberry and Champagne – Summery strawberries laced with Champagne.(Su)
Blackcurrant Fruit Ice–Local Blackcurrants in a fruity non dairy ice(Su & A )
Damson- Local damsons in this creamy, fruity ice cream.(A)
Plum Fruit Ice- A non dairy ice filled with delicious Victoria plums.(A)
Mandarin Fruit Ice – Mandarins in a non dairy ice.(W)
Black Forest- Rich Chocolate ice cream with black cherry ripple and chocolate stracciatella.(W)
Christmas Pudding-  A lighter fruity alternative to the traditional pudding.(W)
Cinnamon and Stem Ginger-This fragrant, sweet and warm tasting cinnamon spice ice cream is dotted with pieces of crystallised stem ginger (W)
Turkish Delight- A delicate rose flavoured ice cream. (W)
Chocolate Orange- Rich chocolate and tangy orange ice cream.(Sp & W)
Lime Fruit Ice(Su)- Zesty lime ice(non dairy)
Kiwi Fruit Ice(Su)- Summery green kiwi ice(non dairy)
Tropical Fruit Ice(Su)  Apple, Orange, Mango, Passion fruit and pineapple(non dairy)
(Sp)-Spring     (Su)-Summer    (A)-Autumn     (W)-Winter