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Our Farm

Yew Tree Farm is situated in Garway, a village on a south facing slope of the Monnow valley in Herefordshire. The fields in this rolling countryside provide good pasture for our Guernsey cows who have a very placid temperament and are renowned for their rich golden milk.

All of our cows are home bred and the herd consists of five cow families, Daffodil, Meadowsweet, Marshmallow, Jessamine, and Paeony. Meadowsweet is most prolific, and in 2010 the 500th member of this family was born.

One of our young calves.

The cows enjoy a long grazing season and during the Spring and Summer the dry cows (those within 8 weeks of calving) graze the common adjacent to the farm. Whilst they graze only part of the 23 acre common, the rest is managed by mowing and taking away the cut grass, keeping brambles and bracken under control, allowing a profusion of wild flowers to blossom.

We manage the farm responsibly, and attract a lot of wildlife. Hares, Buzzards and many other birds are a common sight. With our Lake we also have a large family of wild ducks, and a pair of breeding swans.